BBC Radio 7 comedy drama. 17 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2006 - 2010. Stars Sarah Solemani, Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Duval, Tim Key and others.

Series 1

1. Unappreciated

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd October 2006

Edna learns more about Undone while putting together an issue of Get Out! on her own. So she hardly has time to help Tankerton chase a naughty dog who steals sausages.


2. Unrivalled

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th October 2006

All Edna wants is to be a good friend to Kate and rather more than that with Grant. But after an evening at the theatre things take a turn for the worse.


3. Unfamiliar

First broadcast: Thursday 5th October 2006

When Mum comes to visit, Edna does her best to keep the secret of Undone. But with Faceless Bureacrats changing the map of London and the National Indecisiveness Society or Association at large, it's not easy.


4. Unravelled

First broadcast: Friday 6th October 2006

The consequences of Edna's decision at the end of "Unfamiliar" come back to roost as it looks like Tankerton has quit. But what's with all the flies?


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Undone - Series 1

Release date: Monday 1st April 2013

Ben Moor's comic sci-fi saga with Sarah Solemani and Dan Antopolski follows Edna Turner's adventures in London's bizarre parallel city of Undone (where the weirdness comes from). In this first series, she finds a new job and visits the theatre (or should that be 'untheatre'?) Meanwhile, genuinely faceless bureaucrats threaten...