Trevor's World Of Sport. Image shows from L to R: Trevor Heslop (Neil Pearson), Sammy (Paul Reynolds). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Trevor's World Of Sport

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about sports PR. 18 episodes (3 series), 2004 - 2007. Stars Neil Pearson and Paul Reynolds.

Trevor's World Of Sport - The Complete Series 1-3

Trevor's World Of Sport - The Complete Series 1-3

Neil Pearson stars in Andy Hamilton's BBC Radio 4 comedy series about a sports agent with a conscience.

One of the main movers and shakers at TS Sports Stars agency, Trevor Heslop is honest, decent and sensitive. Unfortunately, he works in a world of cut-throats and corruption, with nightmare clients and a rapacious partner with the morals of a barracuda. Add to that his dysfunctional family - estranged wife Meryl and teenage son Toby - and it's a miracle he manages to stay afloat in the shark tank that is his life.

In these 18 episodes, he grapples with a Buddhist (and a specially trained bear), tackles a footballer who's just issued his 17th public apology, ends up in court as a witness while trying hard not to lie and proposes taking on the firm's first Muslim client - but do his colleagues think this is a good idea? As he copes with the ultimate client from hell, Ralph, struggles to keep his dignity and his staff, and tries to save his reputation from being destroyed by a ruthless tennis star, can Trevor retain his decency in an increasingly indecent world?

First released: Thursday 20th February 2020