Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme. Key (Tim Key). Copyright: BBC.

Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme

BBC Radio 4 stand-up / sitcom starring Tim Key. 27 episodes (5 series), 2012 - 2020. Stars Tim Key, Tom Basden and Katy Wix.

Series 4

1. Continuity

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th February 2018

In the first of a new series, misunderstandings, Siberian waitresses and a surprising new love interest come thick and fast as Tim Key takes a comic look at the concept of the unobtainable. With musical support from Tom Basden.


2. Cuisine

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th February 2018

Tim Key takes a comic look at the concept of cuisine, while indulging in a tasting menu at the top of the Shard in London. Tom Basden has the night off, so Tim is dining with a very special guest.


3. Under the Stars

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th March 2018

Tim is on a double-date, on a houseboat in Hertfordshire. He has a well-planned itinerary for a romantic evening under the stars, but his date has other ideas.


4. Cars

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th March 2018

Tim is driving his friend and musician Tom Basden to meet his wife for a romantic getaway. But when they pick up a hitchhiker their plans begin to unravel.