The Spaceship. Captain Gordon Taylor (James Fleet). Copyright: BBC.

The Spaceship

BBC Radio 7 sitcom. 10 episodes (2 series), 2005 - 2008. Stars James Fleet, Emily Joyce, Rosie Cavaliero, Paul Barnhill, Neil Warhurst, Jason Chan and Nicholas Boulton.

Captain Gordon Taylor

AKA: Flashdance.  Captain of The Really Invincible III.   Played by: James Fleet

Captain Taylor, or 'Flashdance' as he prefers to be called, is probably the most indecisive leader in the whole solar system. He is not that fit to lead a spaceship, as is evidenced by his habit of throwing on cheese and wine parties at a moments notice and getting his crew to perform music after any crisis.

Melissa Paterson

Security officer.   Played by: Emily Joyce

Melissa is the second-in-command and the somewhat trigger happy security officer of The Really Invincible III. She would rather kill aliens than talk to them. Despite being in such an important position, she is always refusing to wear the correct uniform, causing trouble between herself and the captain.

Karen Trex

Ship's Communications Officer.   Played by: Rosie Cavaliero

Karen works as the spaceship's Communications Officer. She is also a expert on Feng Shui and can always be counted on if you need a kind word from someone. However, her cheerfulness is not normally welcomed by Melissa. While Melissa always suspects the worst from alien visitors, Karen is often too trusting.

Stuart Jackson

Ship's Engineer.   Played by: Paul Barnhill

Stuart works as the ship's engineer. He is the ship's newest member of the crew and has only been working on The Really Invincible III for a month, after his predecessor was accidentally shot into space. He is in love with Karen, but it is illegal to have sex on the ship.

Clive 55

AKA: Clive.  Chief Medical Scientist.   Played by: Neil Warhurst

Clive 55, the ship's doctor, spends most of his time performing unusual experiments. His name comes from the fact that he is one of 137 clones, all of them called Clive, created in a lab just outside Warrington. All of his clones have died in strange circumstances (he actually murdered them).

Iron (Series 1)

AKA: E3007 Series II Yakamoto.  Robot.   Played by: Jason Chan

Iron is one of the ship's robots who has been malfunctioning since launch. Iron is locked in a loop, constantly playing 1930s swing music. The robot cannot be turned off because of in-built security measures. All the robot does is iron clothes.