The Sit Crom. Copyright: BBC.

The Sit Crom

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1990.

The Sit Crom

The Sit Crom

Autumn, 1646. The English Civil War is raging, and there's trouble ahead for Sir John and Lady Anne Firebasket. There's a Roundhead platoon camping out in the barn, a perplexed priest hiding behind the panelling and, unbeknown to the Firebaskets, their scullery maid Mercy is actually a disguised aristocrat (and Royalist spy) named Melissa Fortescue-Bottomley.

While Mercy steels herself to carry out a deadly mission, pious steward Tobias Thynne rails against the Devil's vegetables and Father Francis takes to the rooftops in a borrowed nightgown for a rendition of 'Ave Maria'. With the whole household suffering from severe domestic derangement, it's a bad time for General Cromwell to show up - and then news arrives that the fugitive King Charles has also decided to pay a visit....

As confusion reigns, Sir John takes to drink, Lady Anne takes to her bed and the New Model Army take up their muskets. Will Firebasket Hall survive the hostilities?

Scripted by Sue Limb (Gloomsbury, The Wordsmiths At Gorsemere), The Sit Crom features a wealth of comedy acting talent including Joss Ackland as Sir John Firebasket, Miriam Margolyes as Mercy and Alun Armstrong as Captain Arise Higgs.

First released: Thursday 20th August 2020

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