The Remains Of Foley And McColl. Copyright: BBC.

The Remains Of Foley And McColl

BBC Radio 4 sitcom starring The Right Size. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2000. Stars Sean Foley, Hamish McColl, Steve Delaney, Rose English and others.

Series 1

1. The Real You

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st June 2000

The producer forces Sean and Hamish to get proper jobs.


2. Cutting Edge

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th June 2000

Sean Foley and Hamish McColl board Boris's Disco Ship to convert offshore ravers into fresh, young listeners.


3. Snuff Radio

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th July 2000

Sean Foley and Hamish McColl compete in a European Radio Drama competition.


4. Subtle

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th July 2000

Sean and Hamish investigate the art of subtlety by visiting a Jane Austen novel.