The Problem With Adam Bloom. Adam Bloom. Copyright: BBC.

The Problem With Adam Bloom

BBC Radio 4 stand-up about the world's problems. 17 episodes (3 series), 2003 - 2005. Stars Adam Bloom, Rob Rouse, Brendon Burns, Stefano Paolini and others.

Series 3

1. Reading

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th October 2005

Reading is this week's problem with Adam Bloom. More specifically, the problem Adam has reading aloud. He had such negative experiences at school, he managed to avoid reading a book for much of his adult life. But he does find one novel that inspires him to start reading again. With Rob Rouse, Hattie Hayridge and Stefano Paolini.


2. Parents

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd November 2005

What is the problem with Adam Bloom? This week it's his parents and why, despite being close to them, he argues all the time. He examines our attitudes to children and parents, as well as picking up a flute for the first time in years. With Rob Rouse, Hattie Hayridge, Stefano Paolini and Bernie Bloom.


3. Technology

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th November 2005

Adam Bloom explores the barriers and dilemmas technology creates in normal everyday relationships. Fast-paced and inventive comedy from one of the most original talents around. With Hattie Heyridge, Rob Rouse and Stefano Paolini.


4. Honesty

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th November 2005

Is honesty the best policy? Adam Bloom thinks so and takes us on a journey of childhood betrayal, falsehoods and dishonesty. With Brendon Burns, Hattie Hayridge, Andrew Fleming and Stefano Paolini.


5. God

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd November 2005

This fast-paced and freewheeling look at matters spiritual involves north London burglars, Bruce Forsyth and Mr Tickle. With Hattie Hayridge, Alfie Joey and Brendon Burns.


Highlights Special: Friendship And Stress

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th November 2005

A double bill of Adam Bloom with highlights from his previous series. Adam interviews his closest friends to discover if honesty is always the best policy. Next, he deals with the stress of not finishing the script and how the wrong dinner companion can ruin a meal. With Brendon Burns.