The PMQ Show. Andy Parsons. Copyright: Perfectly Normal Productions / BBC.

The PMQ Show

BBC Radio 5 Live panel show. 1 pilot in 2009. Stars Andy Parsons, Zoe Lyons, Simon Evans, Rod Liddle and Kelvin MacKenzie.

Press Clippings

5 Live's controller risks playing it for laughs

The funny stuff will arrive in time for the festive season, a series of "Christmas treats", as Van Klaveren terms them. Parsons will be making a show called PMQ, in which he will play the Speaker and guests have to respond to given situations as if they were Gordon Brown, only in a humorous way. The controller hopes it will become a current affairs equivalent of Colin Murray's successful Fighting Talk, "which works brilliantly in terms of sport, but what we haven't got is a vehicle which is as strong in terms of news and topical events".

Ian Burrell, The Independent, 1st December 2008