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The Now Show. Image shows from L to R: Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt. Copyright: BBC.

The Now Show

BBC Radio 4 comedy / stand-up about the week's news. Broadcast, 1998 - 2018. Stars Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Jon Culshaw, Marcus Brigstocke and others.

Next new episode is on Friday at 6:30pm. Series 52, Episode 5
Catch-up on BBC iPlayer Radio   The programme is repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Monday at 11pm.

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For those who prefer the gag-o-meter turned up to 11 on their election coverage, there's The Vote Now Show. Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis and the rest of the hardworking Now Show team are offering comedic biteback three nights a week for election season, with programmes being recorded just four hours before transmission to make sure they're bang up to date on the day's events.

On Monday, Andy Zaltzman subjected himself to a John Humphrys interview (Humphrys is delightfully game), while Jon Holmes' consideration of stirring theme tunes for party leaders provides the belly-laugh we all sorely need. Tuesday's instalment included John Finnemore's hilarious dos and dont's for campaign leaflets - horse illustrations are key, apparently.

Celine Bijleveld, The Guardian, 16th April 2010

Why radio won't stop joking for the election

The head of BBC radio comedy on the importance - and tension - of preparing topical comedy for general election season.

Jane Berthoud, The Guardian, 13th April 2010

Vote for Laughs

There's some more political comedy coming your way in the form of The Vote Now Show which starts tonight. Hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think.

Matt Callanan, BBC Comedy, 12th April 2010

New nightly satirical round-up of election news from The Now Show's acerbic team, led as ever by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis. How times change. Ther''ve been almighty ructions in the past about the BBC allowing topical comedy shows onto the airwaves during an election campaign. Now Radio 4 has this (Mondays through Wednesday nights), plus two weekly editions of What the Papers Say (Sundays and Wednesdays) while The News Quiz starts another series on Friday. But in the grim convergences of this campaign will there be enough for them all to make fun of?

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 10th April 2010

The Now Show want to know your workplace secrets

Last week The Now Show started asking you, the good people of the internet, to contribute to its audience question. For those that don't know, each week we ask our audience a question, and read out the funniest/oddest/most damning answers at the end of the show.

Ed Morrish, BBC Comedy, 11th March 2010

Break out the bunting, The Now Show has hit the big three-0. Yes, it's the 30th series of the award-garlanded topical sketch show fronted by Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt. When the ever-changing world of news is grist to your mill, it must compel you to keep going as more and more things show themselves up as ripe for sideswiping, but will the show start to settle down in its 30s, be not quite so willing to take risks as it was in its 20s? Judging by the high quality of comedy on show in the 29th series, I'd say not. It's the perfect show for the here and now, unless you're listening on iPlayer or to the newly available podcast, in which case it's the perfect show for the now and then.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 5th March 2010

What's the most madcap thing you've ever done?

Tomorrow night sees the return of the award-winning The Now Show to BBC Radio 4, for its thirtieth series. And thanks to the advances of the interwebs, now you can be a part of it - even if you can't make it to the recording.

Ed Morrish, BBC Comedy, 4th March 2010

Good news: The Now Show's back

The Radio 4 comedy sketch show in which Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis offer their satirical take the on the week's news returns.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 27th February 2010

The Now Show, the vehicle for comedians Punt and Dennis, will be renamed The Vote Now Show, for the duration of the election campaign and broadcast every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

James Robinson, The Guardian, 17th February 2010

Now Show geography

When The Now Show asked for news from listeners around the world, 621 podcast subscribers replied, from 72 different countries.

Mark Damazer, BBC Radio 4 Blog, 20th August 2009

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