The Maltby Collection. Copyright: BBC.

The Maltby Collection

BBC Radio 4 sitcom set in a museum. 18 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Julian Rhind-Tutt, Geoffrey Palmer, Ben Willbond, Rachel Atkins and others.

Rod Millet

Deputy Curator of Painting and Sculpture.   Played by: Julian Rhind-Tutt

Rod is a new employee at the museum and is passionate about his work. He visited The Maltby Collection as a boy and now wants to fight its closure. His job is not good enough for his mother however as she considers him to be a loser.

He is attractive to women and a rival to Julian for Prunella's affections.

Walter Brindle

AKA: Walter Brindle O.B.E..  Museum Director.   Played by: Geoffrey Palmer

Walter is tired of his job and is looking forward to his retirement. The stress of work leads to him being glad that the collection may close.

He is a football fanatic and is depressed that the museum's team is so feeble.

Julian Crumb-Loosely

Played by: Ben Willbond

In love with Prunella, Julian is too shy to express his feelings properly. He has only had two girlfriends in his life and both were his cousins.

He is from a distinguished family and battles against his own snobbery.

Prunella Crumb-Loosely

Played by: Rachel Atkins

Prunella is keenly interested in Rod and is not shy about expressing her approval. She is torn between him and Julian though.

She is also very amibtious to be the director of the museum.

Des Wainwright

Head of Security.   Played by: Michael Smiley

Des is an ex-member of the S.A.S. and is now responsible for security at the museum. He is diligent in his job and is paranoid about danger posed to the collection. He is also mad.

Eva Tattle

Cleaner.   Played by: Julia Deakin

The cheerful cleaner of the museum, Eva is married but her husband is ailing and is a martyr to his prostate. She loves Wilf but will remain true to her husband for as long as he lives.

Wilf Arbuthnot

Gallery Attendant.   Played by: Geoffrey McGivern

Wilf is happy working at the museum and is willing to fight alongside Rod to save it.

He is passionately in love with Eva and waits impatiently for her to become free.

Stelios Constantinopoulis

Chef.   Played by: Chris Pavlo

Stelios works in the museum canteen and is of Greek descent. He is fiercely proud of his Greek heritage and struggles with the English language.

Susie Maltby (Series 2-3)

Susie is the last surviving member of the Maltby family and is invited to the museum to publicise the collection. She is beautiful and highly desirable but despite Rod's obvious interest in her, Susie has her eyes on an older man.