The Kneebone Bonanza. Image shows from L to R: Dwight (Ed Gaughan), Carl Grose, Maddy (Alex Tregear), Slick (Michael Shelford). Copyright: BBC
The Kneebone Bonanza

The Kneebone Bonanza

  • Radio comedy drama
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2013
  • 5 episodes (1 series)

Wry Cornish comedy about scrap metal, hard lives and country and western music. Stars Alex Tregear, Michael Shelford, Ed Gaughan, Amanda Lawrence, Carl Grose and Philippa Stanton

Press clippings

A gentle fantasy drama set in a scrapyard in rural Cornwall that follows the fortunes of the three Kneebone children, left on the verge of penury by their dead father. If they are not being visited by the bailiffs, then it's a mysterious American man, dressed in black with Cuban-heeled boots and an overly generous moustache, who's taking an unwelcome interest in the family.

With the house built on foundations as wobbly as the "truths" the Kneebone offspring have been told, there are some surprises to come.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 25th March 2013

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