Clive Anderson.

The Guessing Game

BBC Radio Scotland panel show. 12 episodes (2 series), 2012 - 2013. Stars Clive Anderson, Alex Horne, Susan Calman, David Kay and Harry Gooch.

Press Clippings

Hosted by Clive Anderson, The Guessing Game is a brand new panel game on BBC Radio Scotland. Among those featured alongside Anderson were the show's (annoying) house band Gus and Fin plus One, and this week's contestants: Rory Bremner, Tom Allen and Alex Horne.

As the title implies, the object of the game is to guess the answers to difficult questions. The usual scoring system is two points if you get the answer right and one point for an amusing or good guess. Questions included: "What is the difference between Justin Bieber and banana?" and "Who gave away their music rights from beyond the grave?"

There were some amusing asides from one or two of the panellists, mainly Horne, but other than that there wasn't much going for it. The problem for me is that this format has been done before, and much better, by shows that are already on. QI on TV and The Unbelievable Truth on radio handle the subjects of trivia and unusual information in a much funnier manner.

Perhaps the issue's the scoring system. With QI and The Unbelievable Truth, you often end up with negative scores. In The Guessing Game this doesn't happen. Let's hope that the show will improve as the series goes along...

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 9th April 2012

Clive Anderson admits he'd love to buy in to Rangers

Telly funnyman Clive Anderson is sure his Rangers-daft dad must be spinning in his grave at the financial disaster that is Ibrox.

Paul English, Daily Record, 4th April 2012

The Guessing Game with Clive Anderson

Wednesday at 14:05 sees the start of a brand new six-part comedy panel show called The Guessing Game. Clive Anderson presents the programme and he's joined with some great guests like Rory Bremner, Phill Jupitus and Zoe Lyons.

Alan Braidwood, BBC Scotland, 3rd April 2012

Clive Anderson to host new Radio Scotland panel show

Broadcaster Clive Anderson is to host a new panel game for BBC Radio Scotland, The Guessing Game.

British Comedy Guide, 5th March 2012