The Correspondent. Tom (Tom Allen). Copyright: BBC.

The Correspondent

BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7 comedy. 8 episodes (2 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Tom Allen.

Press Clippings

It is quite a decent show, with all kinds of different plots going on, such as Allen wanting to move out of his parents' house, worrying over his job appraisal, the security staff losing their florescent jackets, and the mysterious stranger that leaves notices on the office wall that Allen wants to be friends with. Overall, the show seems to pay off and has an ending that leaves you wanting to find out what happens next. Granted, this show did not contain many laugh-out-loud moments either, but it made up for it in terms of plot and dramatic tone.

Ian Dunn, One Giant Leap, 22nd January 2009