The Castle. Image shows from L to R: Sir William De Warenne (Neil Dudgeon), Lady Anne Woodstock (Martha Howe-Douglas), Lady Charlotte (Ingrid Oliver), Sir John Woodstock (James Fleet). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions.

The Castle

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 24 episodes (4 series), 2007 - 2012. Stars James Fleet, Neil Dudgeon, Susan Earl, Jonathan Kydd, Ingrid Oliver, Steven Kynman, Toby Ross-Bryant and others.

Sir John Woodstock

Played by: James Fleet

Sir John is desperate for his daughter to marry, and for his over-enthusiastic son to stop wanting to become a knight and kill people.

Sir John is the magistrate which means he must often make decisions - something he'd rather avoid doing.

Sir William De Warenne

Played by: Neil Dudgeon

The arrogant, rude and generally obnoxious Sir William lives in the castle next to the Woodstock family. Voted top knight by Esquire magazine, he has just returned from battle and is now looking for a wife.

De Warenne tries everything to attract the young Lady Anne as he is enchanted by her beauty. She's really not interested in him though... which makes him quite depressed.

Lady Anne Woodstock

Played by: Susan Earl (Series 1)   Montserrat Lombard (Series 2)   Martha Howe-Douglas (Series 3-4)  

The teenage Lady Anne is in love with handsome, rugged handyman Sam Tree... but he doesn't seem to notice her advances.

Anne's love for Sam has another barrier - her Dad wants her to marry nobility, not a simple servant.

Cardinal Duncan

Played by: Jonathan Kydd

Cardinal Duncan looks after Sir William's every need; he calms his master with soothing words when he is in a bad mood.

Duncan is very camp. The bisexual sidekick doesn't really fit into medieval life if truth be told - he'd much rather be in a health clinic getting a colonic and a facial.

Lady Charlotte

Played by: Ingrid Oliver

Lady Charlotte is Lady Anne's best friend. She's not as attractive as her friend, which is a shame, as she fancies Sir William.

Charlotte tries to help Anne woo Sam Tree, but more often than not just ends up hindering things by forgetting to carry out her part in Anne's carefully constructed plans.

Master Henry Woodstock

Played by: Steven Kynman

Young Henry Woodstock is Sir John's 13 year old son. Naive but enthusiastic, Henry loves the idea of swords, battles and slaying people - he can't wait to be old enough to join in with all the 'fun'!

Sir William often bribes Henry to spy on his sister. It is all part of Sir William's plan to try and better understand what he needs to do to win over Henry's sister.

Sam Tree (Series 1)

Played by: Toby Ross-Bryant

The young and strong Sam Tree works on Sir John's estate. He is a shy and somewhat simple lad who has not spotted Lady Anne is in love with him.

Whilst working he often takes his shirt off - his budging muscles, good looks and six-pack stomach sends Lady Anne into quite a flutter.

Thomas (Series 1-3)

Played by: Jonathan Kydd

Thomas is Sir John's household servant. Whilst in his workshop, he comes up with amazing inventions that improve the castle. For example, Thomas has invented the microwave, the satellite dish and space travel. If only he is as good at naming his inventions as he is at designing them.