The Bob Servant Emails. Bob Servant (Brian Cox). Copyright: BBC.

The Bob Servant Emails

BBC Radio Scotland sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Brian Cox, Felix Dexter, Laura Solon and Lewis Macleod.

Series 1

1. Olga, Sasha and the Jamaica Lakers

First broadcast: Friday 29th October 2010

Bob Servant is retired and a little bit bored. When he starts getting spam emails, he decides to play the fraudsters at their own game. Bob is approached by a scintillating Russian woman and fearlessly launches a new business.


2. Lions, Gold and Confusion

First broadcast: Friday 5th November 2010

Bob Servant talks to a Jack Thompson, the only son of a Nigerian ruler. Bob wants Jack to get him some lions.


3. Bob and the Postie

First broadcast: Friday 12th November 2010

Bob gets himself into terrible trouble with the postie. Luckily, help is at hand from some lawyers.

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4. Bob's Granny Surprise

First broadcast: Friday 19th November 2010

Bob's going great guns with an internet bride, until her grandmother makes an appearance.


5. The Hunt for Jerren Jimjams

First broadcast: Friday 26th November 2010

From his comfortable home in Broughty Ferry, Bob sparks off a manhunt in deepest Africa.


6. Willy's Indian Palace

First broadcast: Friday 3rd December 2010

Bob receives an unexpected job offer from India, so he quickly establishes a Scottish base and plans the all-important launch party.