The Atkinson People.

The Atkinson People

Comedy. 4 episodes (1 series).

Rowan Atkinson's The Atkinson People

Rowan Atkinson's The Atkinson People

Classic BBC radio comedy series written by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. First broadcast on Radio 3 in April 1979, it starred Rowan Atkinson as the satirical investigator supported by Hugh Thomas and Peter Wilson with a younger Griff Rhys Jones as producer. Griff was a BBC staff radio producer in those days.

One of the first radio series ever to star Rowan Atkinson in a forerunner and foretaster to the massivelu successful Blackadder TV series. The series is satrical, wry, parodic, startling and an in depth investigation into the lives of four imaginary great men. Master orator Sir Benjamin Fletcher, French thinker George Dupont, actor raconteur and general bore Sir Corin Basin who will talk to just about anyone who will listen and lastly Barry Good, pop star.

Contains all four episodes.

First released: Monday 13th September 2010

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