Tracy-Ann Oberman.

Sud's Law

BBC Radio 2 panel show. 1 pilot in 2012. Stars Tracy-Ann Oberman, Mark Little, Shaun Williamson, Susan Calman and Jaci Stephen.

Press Clippings

Tracy-Ann Oberman tests your soap knowledge

The actor and writer explains why she's bringing the first soap quiz show to radio with Sud's Law.

Gareth McLean, Radio Times, 25th February 2012

I have one important moan to make about this otherwise very jolly pilot panel show in which celebrity guests are challenged on their soap knowledge: WHERE ARE THE ARCHERS? It's EastEnders this and Coronation Street that. Even Neighbours and Casualty get their time in the quizzing limelight. If this makes it beyond a pilot into a series - and it does deserve to - let's have some brain-scrambling Ambridge questions in there.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 25th February 2012

Sud's Law was a panel game about soap operas, hosted by former EastEnder and Dirty Den slayer Tracy-Ann Oberman who also devised the show with Linda Marks.

So long as soaps continue to be incredibly popular the idea has potential, although its success will very much depend on tightening up the writing and maintaining the calibre of guests. On this occasion, it wasn't actually the Soap actors who made the programme worth a listen, but Susan Calman who amused with her impressive medical know-how gleaned from her obsession with Casualty, Holby City and Doctors.

Lisa Martland, The Stage, 22nd February 2012

Radio 2 to pilot panel show about soap operas

Radio 2 is to pilot a new comedy panel show about television soap operas. Suds Law will be hosted by ex-EastEnders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman.

British Comedy Guide, 28th November 2011