Strings. Jonny (Tim Minchin). Copyright: BBC.


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Musical comedies have to work that little bit harder because breaking into song can, frankly, be very irritating. Tim Minchin, who wrote this, sits on the surreal side of the fence without even thinking about his balance, so this could be a paradisal piece of humorous harmony - or we could see it fall into the pit of never-to-be-commissioned comedy pilots.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 8th May 2010

This episode in the network's ambitious Comedy Showcase short series, is by and stars Tim Minchin as Jonny, lead singer of rock band Perspex, who's left Australia to find fame and fortune. Just as it seems within his band's grasp he meets Verity, beautiful lead singer of a Christian pop band, and their mutual chemistry is instant. So will this change his path to that of true love and different values or, by inducing deep suffering, make him a better artist? The remarkable supporting cast includes Peter Serafinowicz, Dan Antopolski and Lizzie Roper.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 8th May 2010