Social Club FM. Image shows from L to R: Mr Chairman (Chris Corcoran), Rex Jones (Elis James). Copyright: Zipline Creative
Social Club FM

Social Club FM

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • 2011 - 2013
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Radio Wales sitcom about a small radio station run out of the local social clubs, starring Chris Corcoran and Elis James. Stars Chris Corcoran, Elis James, Nadia Kamil and Vern Griffiths.

Press clippings

My current favourite radio pairing is Mr Chairman (Chris Corcoran) and Rex the Caretaker (Elis James) on Social Club FM (Radio Wales, Friday), a very silly, very funny sitcom set in Britain's worst-performing radio station, broadcasting from a Welsh working men's club. They get into endless scrapes trying to outdo rivals Catholic Club FM and win listeners, but think they might be on to something with a new slot: Barry Island Discs. The first guest, a local PE teacher, chose eight records by Brotherhood of Man.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 8th March 2012

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