Simon Evans Goes To Market. Simon Evans. Copyright: BBC.

Simon Evans Goes To Market

BBC Radio 4 stand-up / factual show about economics. 20 episodes (5 series), 2014 - 2019. Stars Simon Evans, Tim Harford, Merryn Somerset Webb and Timandra Harkness.

Series 4

1. Social Media

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th January 2018

Many of the social media technologies look benign and free - but who is getting rich from them? And how? And how are we 'paying' without realising?

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2. Tax Free

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd January 2018

As soon as individuals and businesses achieve a certain critical mass they just sort of drift off to some mythical island whose co-ordinates are unknown to common folk, where they erect a giant tax-repellant rainbow over them to protect them from the tiresome responsibility of paying their way.

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3. Philanthropy

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th January 2018

There comes a point in every busy tycoon's life when he or she realises that accruing vast wealth, power and prestige has not brought with it the warm glow they had hoped for.

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4. The Cost Of Health

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th February 2018

While many services are now provided free of charge others continue to be very expensive, despite a widely held view that they should be free.

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