Simon Evans Goes To Market. Simon Evans. Copyright: BBC.

Simon Evans Goes To Market

BBC Radio 4 stand-up / factual show about economics. 20 episodes (5 series), 2014 - 2019. Stars Simon Evans, Tim Harford, Merryn Somerset Webb and Timandra Harkness.

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Series 1 (2014)

The first series explored the economics of gold, land, oil and grain, their history and their importance to the economy and to us.

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Series 2 (2015)

In Series 2 Simon looked at four 'Bads' - coffee, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. Addictive, stress inducing, even deadly - but a big part of our daily life that we just can't do without. Simon looked at the economics, history and health issues behind these oh-so-addictive commodities.

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Series 3 (2016)

Series 3 focuses on four of the big stages that mark our journey through life and how economics is part of each of those stages, whether we like it or not.

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Series 5 (2019)

Radio 4's premier comedy-economics hybrid is five series old and the time is right to take a step back, and perhaps two steps up, and tackle the big, competing theories of Macro Economics.

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