Seymour Mace.

Seymour's Corner

radio sitcom project which was not made.

This comedy has never been broadcast.

Seymour's Corner

Sitcom pilot created by stand-up comedian Seymour Mace

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BBC Radio 2

Pilot created by stand-up Seymour Mace... Seymour's Corner is all about having fun. Fun for the performers, fun for the studio audience, fun for the people at home and fun for any random idiot who manages to pick up radio waves on their false teeth. It's a game show with items such as Today's Biscuit, The Telephone to Anyone and Silly Singing.

Seymour's Corner is presented by genial Seymour Mace from behind his desk of delights. He's aided by his sidekick Graham Grumbleweed who is on hand for getting cups of tea, making a noise like a train or chatting about his favourite sandwich. The pilot also features Johnny Vegas.

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