Safety Catch. Simon McGrath (Darren Boyd). Copyright: BBC.

Safety Catch

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about an arms dealer. 12 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2010. Stars Darren Boyd, Joanna Page, Lewis Macleod, Sarah Smart and others.

Killing It - The Complete Series 1-3

Killing It - The Complete Series 1-3

Broadcast as Safety Catch, all twelve episodes of the BBC Radio 4 comedy of modern morality set in the world of arms dealing.

Simon McGrath is a nice chap - he donates blood, he recycles, he cares about the world. He just happens to work as an arms dealer - or a 'defence and security equipment system solutions broker' as he prefers to call it. It wasn't planned, and what he really wants is to pursue is his career in electronic music, but until that takes off he'll stay where he is. After all, he has to pay his mortgage like everyone else....

In these three series, Simon goes to extreme lengths to prove to everyone just how guilt-ridden he feels about doing the job he does, from considering becoming a whistle-blower to deciding to quit when he has to sell uniforms to child soldiers. As he tries to salve his conscience, he decides to do his job really badly (only to find out that he secretly loves it), attempts to gain redundancy (but gets a promotion instead) and wonders whether he should seek forgiveness (but surely he has absolutely nothing to be forgiven for - does he?).

Meanwhile, his personal life is proving equally problematic, as he and his needy girlfriend Anna contemplate having a baby, survive a visit from her parents and try to find reasons why they still love each other....

Written by Laurence Howarth and John Finnemore, this controversial black comedy stars Darren Boyd (Killing Eve) as Simon and Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey) as Anna.

First released: Thursday 16th January 2020