Safety Catch. Simon McGrath (Darren Boyd). Copyright: BBC.

Safety Catch

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about an arms dealer. 12 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2010. Stars Darren Boyd, Joanna Page, Lewis Macleod, Sarah Smart and others.

Series 2

1. Brothers In Arms

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st April 2009

Simon uses his 'flair for original ideas' to go to extreme lengths to prove to his colleagues and family just how bad he feels about doing the job he does.


2. I Draw The Line

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th April 2009

Faced with a particularly tricky moral issue, Simon finally decides that enough is enough and quits his job. It is not great timing, though, as he and Anna find themselves contemplating having a baby.

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3. If A Job's Not Worth Doing

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th April 2009

Simon suffers from the awful realisation that he loves his job and also finds himself proposing to Anna. There is only one thing he can do: he has to learn to hate again.

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4. There Will Be Paint

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd April 2009

Simon decides it is time that he and his colleagues prove that they understand the true horrors of war by organising a paintballing trip.

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