Safety Catch. Simon McGrath (Darren Boyd). Copyright: BBC.

Safety Catch

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 12 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2010. Stars Darren Boyd, Joanna Page, Lewis Macleod, Sarah Smart, Brigit Forsyth and Rachel Atkins.

Series 1

1. Show Me You Care

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th September 2007

Simon McGrath likes to think of himself as a good citizen. He donates blood, recycles his newspapers and has adopted two tigers. He just also happens to be an arms dealer.


2. A Wanting Man

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd October 2007

While being interviewed by a friend of his sister, Simon gets the distinct impression that she might be attracted to him, despite being introduced as a morally contemptible worm. Should he put his theory to the test?


3. Loose Lips Sink Ships

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th October 2007

Judith's new boyfriend Ol turns out not to be the man everyone thought he was. Simon discovers that he has been taped giving out highly secret and sensitive information.


4. Whatever Happened To The Unlikely Lad?

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th October 2007

Persuaded by his girlfriend and family, Simon attends his school reunion, determined that no one should find out what he does for a living.