Lenny Henry.

Rudy's Rare Records

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about 3 generations of males. 20 episodes (4 series), 2008 - 2012. Stars Lenny Henry, Larrington Walker, Joe Jacobs, Natasha Godfrey and others.

Series 3

1. No Richie, No Cry

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th January 2011

Richie is away, and Adam is missing him. But soon Adam discovers dance teacher Juanita, and so forgets all about his son.


2. It's A Family Affair

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th January 2011

While attempting a bit of spring cleaning, Adam discovers a bundle of long lost love letters addressed to his late Mum - and they're definitely not from his Dad.


3. Redemption Song

First broadcast: Tuesday 1st February 2011

Thanks to some dodgy paperwork, Adam and Rudy are faced with the prospect of losing the lease on their shop in less than a year. Inspired by Rudy's claim that Bob Marley once cited Rudy's Rare Records as having the best toilet facilities in Birmingham, they take extreme action.


4. Rudy's Rare Record

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th February 2011

With the discovery on one of the rarest records ever recorded on a dusty shelf at the back of the shop, Rudy, Adam and Richie each allow themselves to imagine what life would really be like if they were that rich. Turns out, their dreams are a bit premature...


5. Lights Out

First broadcast: Tuesday 15th February 2011

Rudy is determined to prove to his girlfriend Doreen that she's finally met her match.

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6. Girls And Boys

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd February 2011

With Rudy about to tie the knot, it's party time - Adam style.