Victor Lewis-Smith.

Record Number 6 Please

BBC Radio 4 comedy by Victor Lewis-Smith. 1 episode in 2019.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

Record Number 6 Please

Victor Lewis-Smith presents reality and fantasy in his inimitable radiophonic style

BBC Radio 4
Victor Lewis-Smith and Paul Sparks
Andrew McGibbon

Victor Lewis-Smith's first radio show for 20 years explores a parallel (yet strangely familiar) universe, alternating satirically between reality and fantasy in his inimitable radiophonic style, to break new ground in the oldest of all broadcast formats.

In a universe far, far away (yet paradoxically very close to home), a family sits by the radio. They are listening to their planet's indigenous version of Desert Island Discs, presented by Roy Plomley, but something isn't quite right. Plomley's questions are dislocated in time and space, the musical choices all appear simultaneously familiar yet weirdly unfamiliar, while the guest's identity is constantly morphing from one unlikely achievement to another.

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First broadcast
Friday 30th November 2018 on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm
Episode length
30 minutes