Reception. Copyright: BBC.

Reception (2011)

BBC Radio 2 sketch show. 1 pilot in 2011. Stars Lewis Macleod, Gemma Arrowsmith, Rosalind Wright, Eve Webster, Julian Dutton and Thomas Nelstrop.

Press Clippings

This Radio 2 pilot also has a live studio audience, but unlike the one watching Dave Against the Machine, this one appeared to be enjoying the show.

This "Comedy Showcase" pilot is an impressionist show covering the behind-the-scenes goings on at Radio 2. It would be lazy and predictable to describe the show as a Radio 2 version of Dead Ringers, but unfortunately that's just what I've done.

It was an entertaining listen, with the first sketch, featuring an incredibly banal and annoying Lily Allen singing to herself about stealing teabags and going to the lavatory, being a great opener. There was also the news being read out by Cheryl Cole; Alan Dedicoat acting as the voice of the Radio 2 lifts; and Shakin' Stevens and Bonnie Tyler's diabolical plan to re-launch their careers.

Admittedly some of the impressions were a bit off, such as the ghost of Winston Churchill appearing on Jeremy Vine's show, but it was still a good sketch with Churchill deciding to launch a pop career. There was also a sketch featuring Louis Spence, which given the fact that he is a dancer might work better on TV.

Personally, my favourite featured an egotistical Sting taking part in Ken Bruce's "Pop Master". Not only did the impression sound right, but it was funny. Mind you, it was always going to find it funny as I don't like Sting. That's what you get when your parents are the biggest Police fans in Teesside.

Usually "Comedy Showcase" pilots do not get full series. In fact, none of them have - which is a shame because I think that Reception could work as a full series - but I for one hope it does.

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 30th May 2011