Potting On. Pam Grant (Pam Ayres).

Potting On

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Pam Ayres, Geoffrey Whitehead, Trevor Bannister, Karl Theobald and Alex Tregear.

Series 1

1. Stones

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th February 2008

Gordon wants to join the bowls club while Pam wants to go to a rock concert.


2. Taking A Break

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th March 2008

Pam and Gordon are planning a holiday. While Pam wants to go on an exciting adventure far afield, Gordon would much prefer a caravanning trip as usual.


3. Curse Of The Pharaoh

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th March 2008

Gordon becomes so addicted to a computer game that Pam has to get a dog for company.


4. Wedding

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th March 2008

Pam and Gordon are invited to a major celebration. Pam wants to buy a big hat and a big present for the bride and groom, but Gordon has a severe pain in his wallet.


5. Flab

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th March 2008

Pam notices their waistlines are getting bigger and challenges Gordon to a dieting competition.


6. Something For Me

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd April 2008

Pam has a win on the Premium Bonds. Gordon has the money earmarked for a new office computer but Pam wants to splash out on a sports car.