Phil Hammond.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom set in a doctor surgery. 26 episodes (5 series), 2011 - 2017. Stars Nigel Planer, Simon Greenall, David Westhead, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and others.

Series 5

1. The Ghosts of Patients Present

First broadcast: Friday 16th June 2017

Roy is told to strike Polyoaks' healthiest patient off his list for being too well.

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2. The Consultants Cometh

First broadcast: Friday 23rd June 2017

Polyoaks enters the murky world of management consultancy and PFIs as the surgery considers merging to become a super practice.


3. The Trials of Mrs Bundy

First broadcast: Friday 30th June 2017

The problems of call centres and the outsourcing of community care confuse TV's Dr Jeremy.


4. Easy GPeasy

First broadcast: Friday 7th July 2017

The most dysfunctional General Practice in the West Country is threatened with investigation for not being average. Dr Jeremy is seeing private patients, and Dr Roy gives up drugs.


5. The Last of the Single-Handers

First broadcast: Friday 14th July 2017

Jeremy is seconded to A&E so Polyoaks is a doctor short, just as patient numbers seem to be increasing. Roy dreams of running a solo practice when an old flame recommends it.


6. The Battle of Bristol

First broadcast: Friday 21st July 2017

An anti-austerity demo vies with new government NHS plans in a battle for hearts and minds.