Phil Hammond.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom set in a doctor surgery. 26 episodes (5 series), 2011 - 2017. Stars Nigel Planer, Simon Greenall, David Westhead, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and others.

Series 2

1. A Question Of Psychology

First broadcast: Friday 9th November 2012

Dr. Jeremy is still diagnosing with Google, selling patent remedies and generally teetering on the brink of any number of malpractice suits.


2. Distance Healing

First broadcast: Friday 16th November 2012

Dr Hugh Thornton is in a tussle with his brother Roy over a new 'Distance Healing' app, an online diagnostic system which obviates the need to meet patients face to face.

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3. Desperately Seeking Susans

First broadcast: Friday 23rd November 2012

Polyoaks faces rocketing drugs bills, and Betty demands an audit in the pharmacy. It seems drugs are going missing, and it looks like an inside job.

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4. Strange Dr Love

First broadcast: Friday 30th November 2012

Hugh is asked to chair a new government commission, so Polyoaks needs a locum. Practice manager Betty appoints the cut-price option.

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5. The Shaky Shaky Hip

First broadcast: Friday 7th December 2012

To get on in the NHS it helps to play squash. And to play squash it helps if your hip is working. Dr Hugh's isn't - and he hates going to see the doctor.

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6. The Age Old Problem

First broadcast: Friday 14th December 2012

Polyoaks is struggling to manage the budget for the care of elderly patients. Is a training day funded by Burgerland the answer?

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