Play And Record. Copyright: BBC.

Play And Record

BBC Radio 7 sketch show. 8 episodes (2 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Jack Bernhardt, Adam Gutteridge, Gareth Gwynn, Thomas Hardy, Chris Lean, Rachel Lerman, Joe London and others.

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Jack Bernhardt Various (Series 1)
Adam Gutteridge Various (Series 1)
Gareth Gwynn Various (Series 1)
Thomas Hardy Various (Series 1)
Chris Lean Various (Series 1)
Rachel Lerman Various (Series 1)
Joe London Various (Series 1)
Luke Oakes Various (Series 1)
Justin Richards Various (Series 1)
Tom Rowlands-Rees Various (Series 1)
Tobi Wilson Various (Series 1)
Anna Bengo Various (Series 1)
Katy Kavanagh Various (Series 1)
Alyssa Kyria Various (Series 1)
Laura Molyneux Various (Series 1)
Pippa Evans Various (Series 2)
Adam Riches Various (Series 2)
Tom Bell Various (Series 2)
Ed Weeks Various (Series 2)
Ben Bailey Smith (as Doc Brown) Doc Brown (Series 2)
Zoe Gardner Various (Series 2)
Jill Cardo Various (Series 2)
Manjeet Mann Various (Series 2)
Dan Skinner Various (Series 2)
Waen Shepherd Various (Series 2)
Dan Starkey Various (Series 2)
Tom Verrall Various (Series 2)
Sarah Adams Self (Series 2)
Leisa Rea Self (Series 2)
Writing team
Jack Bernhardt Writer (Series 1)
Adam Gutteridge Writer (Series 1)
Gareth Gwynn Writer (Series 1)
Thomas Hardy Writer (Series 1)
Chris Lean Writer (Series 1)
Rachel Lerman Writer (Series 1)
Joe London Writer (Series 1)
Luke Oakes Writer (Series 1)
Justin Richards Writer (Series 1)
Tom Rowlands-Rees Writer (Series 1)
Tobi Wilson Writer (Series 1)
Pippa Evans Writer (Series 2)
Adam Riches Writer (Series 2)
Tom Bell Writer (Series 2)
Ed Weeks Writer (Series 2)
Ben Bailey Smith (as Doc Brown) Writer (Series 2)
Zoe Gardner Writer (Series 2)
Dan Skinner Writer (Series 2)
Tom Verrall Writer (Series 2)
Sarah Adams Writer (Series 2)
Leisa Rea Writer (Series 2)
Edward Bradshaw Writer (Additional Material)
Stuart Beale Writer (Additional Material)
Eddie Robson Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Production team
Victoria Lloyd Producer (Series 1)
Ben Walker Producer (Series 2)

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