Indira Varma.

Pixie Juice

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 1 episode in 2014. Stars Indira Varma, Peter Polycarpou, Paul Bazely, Louise Brealey, Will Howard, Priyanga Burford and Carolyn Pickles.

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Radio Times review

Anya's life is not good. She is desperately trying to keep her father's tattoo business afloat, while caring for the difficult and visually-impaired man himself at home. She could really do with some help on both fronts.

It seems as if her prayers have been answered when she swats a tiny, darting creature that oozes out the most remarkable-coloured ink. Within a matter of days, her client base is growing, with people dazzled by the creative, vibrant tattoos now on offer. Life changes for her dad too - his eyesight improves and his mood matches it. But Anya's magical ink supply decides to fight back. The pixies, for it is they that have been supplying her with their lifeblood, hire a lawyer.

Ed Harris's script is comical and fantastical, but with every fairy's demise comes a Brothers Grimm-like cautionary note that you don't get anything for nothing in this - or the pixie - world.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 27th February 2014