Pick Ups. Image shows from L to R: Dave (Phil Rowson), Lind (Sally Lindsay), Mike (John Thomson), Alan (Ash Tandon). Copyright: BBC.

Pick Ups

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 12 episodes (2 series), 2008 - 2009. Stars Sally Lindsay, Lesley Sharp, Phil Rowson, Ash Tandon, Parvez Qadir, John Thomson and Paul Loughran.


Receptionist.   Played by: Sally Lindsay (Series 1)   Lesley Sharp (Series 2)  

Lind operates the radio and mans the phones on the nightshift. She is a strong minded, independent woman who's as sharp as a tack and won't take any rubbish. A great friend but a terrifying enemy - the type of person you'd like to get to know a bit more but not too much more.


AKA: Amber.  Taxi driver.   Played by: Phil Rowson

Dave is the new, young driver to be welcomed to the fold. Not the sharpest member of Irwell Cars but he's a good, genuine, honest man with a heart of gold. He is the taxi driver you tip heavily and want to book for the return journey.


AKA: Rebel.  Taxi driver.   Played by: Ash Tandon (Series 1)   Parvez Qadir (Series 2)  

Alan's taxi is his pride and joy, if he's not in it he's cleaning it. He is a big, warm-hearted Asian man in his late twenties obsessed with all things American. Alan listens to Country and Western and his car is decorated with stars and stripes, and Rebel flags.


AKA: Topaz.  Taxi driver.   Played by: John Thomson (Series 1)   Paul Loughran (Series 2)  

Mike is in his mid-thirties, wanted to make something of himself but he's still not worked out what that is. Saddled with debts, he's always trying to offload some dodgy gear or coming up with some get rich quick scheme. Smokes anything, drinks anything, eats anything... and is secretly in love with Lind.