Phil Ellis Is Trying. Image shows from L to R: Lolly (Lolly Adefope), Phil (Phil Ellis), Johnny (Johnny Vegas). Copyright: BBC.

Phil Ellis Is Trying

BBC Radio 4 sitcom starring Phil Ellis. 12 episodes (3 series), 2018 - 2020. Stars Phil Ellis, Johnny Vegas, Lolly Adefope, Amy Gledhill and others.

Phil Ellis Is Trying

Phil Ellis Is Trying

Phil's trying to keep his entertainments business afloat. He's trying to get over his divorce from Leanne. He's trying to be a better person. He's trying. Boy, is he trying. Will he manage it?

In Series 1 Phil is late with the rent he owes to his celebrity-memorabilia-shop-owning landlord Johnny, his assistant Lolly needs to find a celebrity guest, he falls in love with a bride whose wedding he is organising and he is forced to get a proper job.

In Series 2 he decides that the only way out of his money worries is to win a big cash prize, accidentally joins a gym-based cult, discovers that his dead Dad is actually very much alive and is hired to investigate a philandering husband.

In Series 3, when Phil and Johnny discover golden sachets in their Cup-A-Soup packets, they embark on a fantastical tour of the Cup-A-Soup factory hosted by reclusive owner Billy Bonker, who is opening the gates for the first time in 40 years. Phil cannot believe his luck. He's desperate to meet Billy Bonker and enter his magical world where, they say, the taps run minestrone. If only the other people on the tour weren't so intent on getting themselves killed. Meanwhile, Polly has enlisted Ellie to go on a double date with two so-called celebrities, who may or may not be trying to scam them. Even so, it's still worth going. After all, who can turn down a date with a celebrity? It's every normal person's dream...

First released: Thursday 25th March 2021