No Angel. Image shows from L to R: Denica Fairman, Emily Head, Leo (Ricky Tomlinson), Katherine (Martine McCutcheon), Scott (Clive Anderson), Policeman (Andy Parsons). Copyright: Perfectly Normal Productions.

No Angel

BBC Radio 2 comedy drama. 1 pilot in 2010. Stars Martine McCutcheon, Ricky Tomlinson, Clive Anderson, Andy Parsons, Emily Head and Denica Fairman.

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So it was back to the kitchen for No Angel by Andy Lynch, on Radio 2's Comedy Showcase. Martine McCutcheon played a TV producer, trying to get ahead while coping with her ghastly star (Clive Anderson). She keeps meeting a disreputable man with a heavy Liverpool accent (Ricky Tomlinson). Is he stalking her? Could he be her father? No, he was her guardian angel. She took some convincing. I didn't. The title rather gave it away. But the real surprise here was how awful Clive Anderson was in a straight role. Perhaps he didn't want to pretend to be vain, bossy, unreasonable and demanding which was why he made his lines sound like plasterboard. McCutcheon and Tomlinson certainly did better with theirs.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 21st December 2010

Radio review: No Angel

Part of Radio 2's Comedy Showcase season, No Angel focused on laughs rather than plausible plot.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 20th December 2010

No Angel was squarely in the tradition of Radio 4 sitcoms in that it was rubbish. Martine McCutcheon and Ricky Tomlinson were wasted on a promising set-up - she's a harassed radio chat-show flunkey, he's her guardian angel. When they were together you could forget the pedestrian script and the lack of laughs. When Clive Anderson was on, as the chat-show host, you couldn't. His scenes were excruciating: he needs to get back to the day jobs.

Chris Maume, The Independent, 19th December 2010

Chat-show hosts make great fodder for writers as it's so tempting to imagine huge egos going hand in hand with those large salaries. This comedy drama by Andy Lynch finds Clive Anderson taking a wry dig at his own CV as a self-obsessed frontman who's not impressed when his careerist producer gets herself a stalker. The all-star cast includes Martine McCutcheon, Ricky Tomlinson, Andy Parsons and Emily Head, from Channel 4''s The Inbetweeners, in her first radio role.

David Brown, Radio Times, 18th December 2010

A new comedy by Andy Lynch with an astonishingly starry cast: Clive Anderson, Ricky Tomlinson, Martine McCutcheon, Andy Parsons and Emily Head (from TV's The Inbetweeners). And now the plot. Who is this hairy old Scouser who accosts a career-minded female producer in the street? Is he just a stalker? It's directed by Dirk Maggs, the master of feelgood surround-sound.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 18th December 2010