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BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Radio 7 sketch show written by the public. 143 episodes (pilot + 24 series), 2009 - 2021. Stars Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Angela Barnes, Nish Kumar, Romesh Ranganathan and others.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean says you should write for Newsjack

Why me?

It's a question I often ask myself. Sometimes I scream it at a contactless card reader if it doesn't beep immediately. Occasionally I'll think it when a friend asks me to help them move house. Frequently I will ponder on it as I marvel at the exquisite experiences and people my job gives me access to.

What I really should be saying, is "why not me"? And that's what you should be saying if you're on the fence about submitting your funnies to Newsjack. Or maybe you're someone who's always wanted to write comedy but didn't know how? Well, why not you.

Newsjack is a topical comedy show written by you, the listeners. You send in one liners and sketches (BTW, sketches means no more than three pages, we don't want a play) and we read every single one. We put the best ones into the script, read them out in front a live audience and then the ones that get the biggest laughs make the show. Dead easy (actually really stressful and takes an army of people to make it brilliant).

So, why not you? Are you funny? Are you interested in the news? Then why not you? Comedy writing is rewarding and fun and always need new voices, you could be reading this and not even realising you're exactly what a writer's room needs. You have nothing to lose but your time and let's face it, if you have the time to read this you can deffo find time to write a few one liners about Brexit.

My dream is this series of Newsjack is the best there has ever been. Not just because I want to call Nish up and scream "IN YOUR FACE KUMAR" and then hang up and it will finally have context. But, because I reckon if I can convince just some of you "Why Me"s to write, we will have an incredible show. All the best people don't think they're good enough (all the worst people think they are). So, if you're in doubt you're exactly what I'm looking for! Go on, for me. Just write some stuff and keep doing it. If you're great you'll get a writing credit, money and a warm sense of superiority which is, let's be honest, what we're all after.

Years ago I was a why me. I wrote for Newsjack and I loved it, then I wrote for more and more things and now I never ask why me, I always just think "why not me", because shows like Newsjack are a perfect place to work your writing out and build confidence. If anything I'm too confident. Also get a bit irritated when I'm not shortlisted for the Booker Prize, Nobel Prize and Sports Personality so don't become this monster. But do become someone who just tries because why not?

Why you? Why not. Get writing.

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Published: Friday 1st February 2019