Newsjack. Copyright: BBC.


BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Radio 7 sketch show written by the public. 133 episodes (pilot + 22 series), 2009 - 2020. Stars Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Angela Barnes, Nish Kumar, Romesh Ranganathan and others.

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Series 2

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Thursday 7th January 2010

The quick-fire team, lead by Miles Jupp, don't waste any time in making light of the first events of 2010. Snow is the big story of the week, but Newsjack does its best to talk about other things.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Thursday 14th January 2010

On the satire slate this week: the Chilcott inquiry, David Milliband, Google and China, Oliver Stone's paranoia, an interview with a snow expert, and all the other newsbits. Plus an introduction to the exciting new world of 3D radio.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Thursday 21st January 2010

This week Miles and the team take all the week has to throw at them, wipe themselves down, and then satirise it. In their sights this week: Geoff Hoon, Tory marriage policies, Obama's first year in office, Avatar, elite teachers and Gordon Brown attempt to woo the Middle Classes. Plus there's more from constantly outraged coumnist Angela Wrangled, Newsbullet, vox pops, corrections and sundry topical news jokes.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Thursday 28th January 2010

This week: Gordon Brown learns some vote-winning techniques from Scott Brown, the terror alert level system is explained, the Iraw Inquiry prepares to welcome Tony Blair, and Osama Bin Laden contemplates retirement.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Thursday 4th February 2010

On the show this week Gordon Brown discusses his electoral reforms, the team break in to David Cameron's house, we get inside track on the protesters at Chilcot, there's a rare interview with J.D. Salinger and the tricky subject of Euthanasia is discussed.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Thursday 11th February 2010

Ali Dezale is arrested, Alex Salmond looks for new fundraising methods, we speak to a man in a coma, the BBC's talent payroll is scrutinised and David Cameron confronts Miles.