Crybabies to present their hit show Bagbeard on Radio 4

Wednesday 15th November 2023, 12:15pm

  • Crybabies Present... Bagbeard is coming to Radio 4
  • The comedy trio have adapted their fast-paced hit 2022 live show to make it suitable for the medium of audio
  • The gag-packed story follows a science teacher who discovers an alien creature from a faraway universe
Crybabies. Copyright: Rebecca Need-Menear

Comedy group Crybabies are adapting their hit live show Bagbeard to become a Radio 4 programme.

The trio - Michael Clarke, James Gault and Ed Jones - first performed the show at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe. Picking up a number of five star write-ups, it went on to become one of the best reviewed shows of the festival.

The blurb for the new radio version explains: "Crybabies' unique blend of narrative-driven sketch comedy earned them a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards and a host of 5 star reviews.

"Set on a strange forgotten island off the English coast, erstwhile science teacher Chris Mystery (not Christmas Tree) discovers an alien creature from a faraway universe... Bagbeard. Desperate to share his discovery and achieve the acclaim he's always desired, Mystery must conceal this alien creature from the baying townspeople and Terminator-esque government agent, Victor Valentine.

"Bagbeard is ET meets The Wicker Man meets Harry Meets Sally. Join James Gault (tall), Ed Jones (handsome) and Michael Clarke (??) for this boundlessly absurd, sci-fi infected, narrative sketch adventure about finding your place in the universe."

Crybabies Present... Bagbeard is due to be recorded at The Backyard Comedy Club in London on Monday 4th December (free tickets), and will be broadcast on Radio 4 at a later date.

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