Miles Jupp to play Prime Minister in Party's Over on Radio 4

Tuesday 18th May 2021, 10:18am by Jay Richardson

  • Miles Jupp is to play Britain's least successful Prime Minister in Radio 4 sitcom Party's Over
  • A series is being recorded this month, following on from the 2019 pilot
Party's Over. Image shows from L to R: Drew (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), Christine Tobin (Ingrid Oliver), Jones (Justin Edwards), Henry Tobin (Miles Jupp), Natalie (Emma Sidi). Copyright: BBC

Miles Jupp is to play Britain's least successful Prime Minister in a new Radio 4 sitcom.

At a time when David Cameron is under scrutiny for his post-premiership career, the comedian stars in Party's Over as former PM Henry Tobin, struggling to find a role for himself after eight short months as the nation's least popular post-war leader.

Despite his crushing election loss, Tobin is determined to not let his disastrous defeat be the end of him. Instead he's going to get back to the top - he's just not sure how and in what field.

Party's Over is written by Jon Hunter, who worked with Jupp in his capacity as host of The News Quiz on Radio 4, and Paul Doolan (Trollied, Bloods), with recording taking place at the end of this month at the Backyard Comedy Club in London.

The commission follows a successful 2019 pilot, which co-starred Ingrid Oliver, Emma Sidi, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Justin Edwards, Rosie Cavaliero and Adam Riches, and featured several nods towards Cameron's troubled penning of his own memoirs.

Rev. and The Thick Of It star Jupp has also been developing Fetlock, a comedy for television with his long-time writing partner James Kettle and a cast that includes Vicki Pepperdine, Alex Macqueen, Lee And Dean's Mark O'Sullivan and Miles Chapman and character comic Anna Morris.

His first novel, History, about a frustrated teacher, will be published in August.

The pilot episode of Party's Over is on BBC Sounds.

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