Njambi McGrath to record Radio 4 stand-up series

Thursday 6th August 2020, 2:25pm

  • Njambi McGrath to record a stand-up show for Radio 4
  • The four part series will be based on her hit 2019 show Accidental Coconut
  • Talking about the commission, she says: "I am absolutely delighted and over the moon"
Njambi McGrath.

Radio 4 has commissioned Njambi McGrath to perform a stand-up series based on her live show Accidental Coconut.

She first performed the hit show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, which was accompanied by the following brochure write-up:

"Brexit seems inescapable as the British stand at the crossroads of self-identity and nostalgia of a bygone era of an empire. This show is a juxtaposition of loss of a people from opposing sides. Those mourning from loss of former glory and those mourning how that former glory impacted on their lives ripping apart their innocence. In the era when the British people are re-examining who they are as a people, and in relation to the rest of the world. Njambi scrutinises her own story; from the other side of the empire."

She has previously recorded Accidental Coconut as a special on video streaming site NextUp.

The new four-part series will be recorded by Dabster Productions, the company which has previously produced a number of stand-up shows for Radio 4, including Rosie Jones: Box Ticker, Fred At The Stand and The John Moloney Show.

Producer Richard Melvin says: "I can't wait to start working with Njambi again later this year on this exciting new Radio 4 project. She's incredibly funny, insightful and challenging. I think the listeners are going to love what we've got planned."

Njambi McGrath comments: "I am absolutely delighted and over the moon. Working with Richard and Radio 4 is a dream come true."

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