Tom Allen to host Radio 2 panel show about misunderstandings

Friday 7th February 2020, 11:01am

Tom Allen Absolutely Live. Tom Allen.

Tom Allen is to host Lost In Translation, a panel show about "language, foreign cultures and everything in between which gets misunderstood".

An episode is due to be recorded soon, for Radio 2. The show will form part of the station's forthcoming new season of Funny Fortnight comedy pilots.

The producers say: "Lost In Translation is a brand new comedy panel show for Radio 2 in which host Tom Allen and his guest panellists will dissect and analyse language, foreign cultures and everything in between which gets misunderstood, with sometimes hilarious consequences."

Talking further about the premise, they add: "The show will demonstrate how language can not only bring us together but also create national outcry, and that though some words may be a term of endearment in some cultures, they can be a damning insult in others. From untranslatable words to seemingly nonsensical idioms to some of the greatest insults ever created, this show will peel back the layers to reveal the secret quirks of communication."

James May, Stacey Solomon, Daliso Chaponda, Russell Kane, Sophie Duker and Rhys James have been booked as the guests, with linguistics expert Dr Laura Baile signed up to provide additional insights.

Allen is a regular panellist on Sky panel show There's Something About Movies, and recently presented his Radio 4 series Tom Allen Is Actually Not Very Nice. Last year he filmed Just Friends With Tom Allen, a non-broadcast TV pilot for a new comedy dating show which was based around "singletons competing to win a hot date and a cash prize by sussing out who's single and who's in a relationship."

Lost In Translation will be recorded on Tuesday 25th February at The Shaw Theatre in London. Free tickets

It will be broadcast on Radio 2 on Saturday 28th March.

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