Sara Cox to host Radio 2 comedy 'What If...?'

Thursday 1st March 2018, 3:34pm

  • Sara Cox is to host What If...?, a comedy panel show for Radio 2
  • The format sees guests being asked to imagine if moments in history had taken a different turn
  • A pilot episode featuring guests including Gráinne Maguire will be recorded in March
Sara Cox. Copyright: BBC.

Sara Cox is to host What If...?, a new comedy panel show for Radio 2.

The format sees guests asked to imagine alternative versions of history.

The producers explain: "What If...? is a comedy chat show where three celebrities ponder definitive moments in pop culture history and ask 'What If?'

What If...?.

"What if events as we know them had taken a completely different turn? What if famous individuals had made completely different choices? How different would our world be if we had journeyed down these paths not taken?"

A pilot episode will be recorded at The Museum Of Comedy in London on the 7th March (Tickets).

Production company Kerfuffle TV add: "Think of it as a comedy show version of the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, only we promise that Gwyneth won't be there."

The guests booked to join Cox for the pilot are stand-up comedian Gráinne Maguire, science writer and broadcaster Dr Adam Rutherford and This Morning presenter Rylan.

Sara Cox normally presents Sounds of the 80s on Radio 2 on Saturdays, 10pm til midnight. It won't be the first panel show she's hosted for the station, having helmed the 2012 series of the celebrity-based show Hot Gossip.

What If...? is expected to be broadcast on Radio 2 in April as part of a series of comedy pilots the station has commissioned.

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