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Nebulous. Image shows from L to R: Paula Breeze (Rosie Cavaliero), Rory Lawson (Graham Duff), Professor Nebulous (Mark Gatiss). Copyright: BBC / Baby Cow Productions


  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2005 - 2008
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi radio sitcom set on an environmentally ruined Earth in 2099. Stars Mark Gatiss, Rosie Cavaliero, Graham Duff, Paul Putner, Graham Crowden and more.


Character guide

Nebulous. Professor Nebulous (Mark Gatiss). Copyright: BBC / Baby Cow Productions

Professor Nebulous

AKA: Professor Boffo Nebulous.  Head of K.E.N.T..   Played by: Mark Gatiss

The head of K.E.N.T., Professor Boffo Nebulous is brilliant scientist. Amongst his achievements are finding a cure for baldness and a sandwich that cures cancer (marmalade and cucumber, apparently).

During his childhood, Nebulous' parents (played by Julia Dalkin and Matt Wolf) wanted him to be a clown (an experience that haunts him to this day) and he had an evil twin brother called Spiffo who killed his younger brother Mofo. Despite the bad memories and their pressure he has continued his love of science.

Now in charge of K.E.N.T., the professor has to contend with working with so little money and people who are either incompetent or wishing to leave. His career took a shaky turn after he accidentally destroyed the Isle of Wight in an attempt to give it more sunlight.

Nebulous. Paula Breeze (Rosie Cavaliero). Copyright: BBC / Baby Cow Productions

Paula Breeze

Nebulous's assistant.   Played by: Rosie Cavaliero

One of Nebulous' assistants, she is ditsy and idiotic, but still very loyal to her boss. In fact she is madly in love with him, but Nebulous has failed to notice. While she is not the brightest tool in the box, she is still helpful in a crisis.

Nebulous. Rory Lawson (Graham Duff). Copyright: BBC / Baby Cow Productions

Rory Lawson

Nebulous's Assistant.   Played by: Graham Duff

Nebulous' other assistant, Rory, is a ladies' man who runs the more physical side of K.E.N.T.

Rory wants to work in more covert operations, mainly due to the influence of an evening class in Media Studies and Applied Thinking that he attended. However, Rory mainly ends up having to maintain K.E.N.T's tumble driers.

Harry Hayes

Head of Technological Development.   Played by: Paul Putner

In charge of technological development, Harry was badly hurt by Nebulous when he tried to move the Isle of Wight.

As a result, he is in constant pain and forced to move about in a hoverchair made out of old kitchen units. He is made mostly out of artificial limbs and is quick to remind everyone else that he no longer has the luxury of certian body parts. Most notable of these is his voice box, which is on a very loud setting.

Because of his problems, he is constantly reminding people that their own little problems are nothing compared to the agony he faces every second of his life. It is therefore not surprising that Harry has betrayed Nebulous on the odd occasion.

Sir Ronald Rolands

AKA: Sir Roland Rowlands.  Minister with Unusual Portfolio.   Played by: Graham Crowden

Sir Ronald Rolands is a Minister with Unusual Portfolio. He is the government minister that Nebulous often has to deal with. However, despite their working relationship, Rolands constantly mispronounces Nebulous's name as "Neb-ross" and seems to have little care for K.E.N.T. These problems mainly came about that Nebulous's fall from grace, after he destroyed the Isle of Wight.

Doctor Klench

AKA: Doctor Joseph Klench.  Evil Genius.   Played by: David Warner

Nebulous' arch-enemy. He was once described as "a chap who came to a crossroads in life and took a turning marked evil. He put his foot on the accelerator, and he's not stopping."

Klench constantly tries to come up with plans to conquer the world, but every time so far Nebulous has managed to stop him. He is a parody of The Master from Doctor Who.


Artificial Intelligence Computer.   Played by: Julia Dalkin

The artificial intelligence or A.I. of K.E.N.T., Gemini has the combined intelligence of three Oxford dons and a supply teacher. Despite this, she has failed three times so far.

There is a twin computer to Gemini, but it is an evil twin sent by K.E.N.T. on a weekend exchange programme. Gemini acts as the narrator for the episodes.

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