Natural Histories Comedy Awards.

Natural Histories Comedy Awards

BBC Radio 4 Extra sketch show. 1 episode in 2016. Stars Shaun Keaveny, David Schneider, Harriet Carmichael and Kathy Clugston.

Natural Histories Comedy Awards.


Best Journey Of Self Discovery:
The Butterfly

Documentary Of The Year:
The Bear

Rising Star:
The Meteorite

Best Performance from an Extra:
The Dinosaur

Hardest Working Performer:
The Dung Beatle

Lifetime Achievement Award:
The Sea Anemone

Artistic Inspiration Award:
The Shark

Most Dramatic Makeover:
The Mammoth

The Green Award:
The Cockroach

Best Artist in an Ensemble Piece:
The Coral

Best Nature Documentary:
The Snake

Animal Most Likely To Be Seen In A While:
The Crocodile

Animal Most Likely To Inspire Nightmares:
Giant Squid

Best Female Performance:
The Parrot

Best Male Performance:
The Lion

Published: Friday 10th June 2016