Natalie Haynes.

Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics

BBC Radio 4 stand-up show about the ancient world. 24 episodes (6 series), 2014 - 2020. Stars Natalie Haynes.

Another series is in development.

Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics - Series 1-4

Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics - Series 1-4

A humorous and informative look at historical characters from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Natalie is a recovering comedian who is a little bit obsessive about Ancient Greece and Rome. Each week she takes a different figure from the Ancient World and tells their story through a mix of stand-up comedy and conversation.

Over the course of these four series she tells the stories of Sophocles (who invents the TV detective with Oedipus - bad things happen), Virgil (who creates Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Aspasia (how to be a notorious woman in ancient Greece), Ovid (expect frottage at the races), Plato (on the chunky side, but very good at wrestling) and Sappho (a lot of gossip from over 1000 years ago), among others.

Featuring special guests including classicists Professor Edith Hall and Professor Llewelyn Morgan, novelists Stella Duffy and Ben Okri, and comedians Katy Brand and Al Murray.

First published: Thursday 7th March 2019

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