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The Museum Of Curiosity

The Museum Of Curiosity

  • Radio panel show
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2007 - 2021
  • 100 episodes (16 series)

Radio panel show in which John Lloyd and his curators try to fill up their museum with curious objects. Also features Bill Bailey, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson, Dave Gorman, Jimmy Carr and more.

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Gallery 6, Episode 4 - Meeting Thirty-Four

Joining John and Humphrey this week are comedian and podcaster Richard Herring, lizard locomotion expert Dr. Christofer Clemente and art historican Dr. Kristen Lippincott.

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Richard Herring, comedian, podcaster, and ex-employee at the London Telephone Directory where he managed to enter the name of Stewart Lee as "Stewart Wee", gives The Museum of Curiosity the mad monk Grigori Rasputin, a man who held much power and who believed that sinning made you more holy.

Dr. Kristen Lippincott, aka "The Queen of Time" due to her work for the Director of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and also the Deputy Director of the National Maritime Museum, donates to the Museum a "eureka moment", the wonderful feeling you get when you realise something great.

Australian zoologist Dr. Christofer Clemente, who is a specialist in animal locomotion, who has developed insect-repelling surfaces and auditioned lizards for a week for David Attenborough, offers the Museum a lizard popping a wheelie - a lizard running on just its back legs.

Broadcast details

Monday 21st October 2013
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Sunday 27th October 2013 12:00pm Radio 4
Monday 28th October 2013 7:30am Radio 4 Extra
Monday 28th October 2013 10:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Friday 23rd December 2016 9:00am Radio 4 Extra
Friday 23rd December 2016 4:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Saturday 24th December 2016 4:00am Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 7th May 2019 4:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Wednesday 8th May 2019 4:00am Radio 4 Extra

Cast & crew

John Lloyd Host / Presenter
Humphrey Ker Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Richard Herring Guest
Christofer Clemente Guest
Kristen Lippincott Guest
Production team
Richard Turner Producer
Dan Schreiber Producer
James Harkin Researcher
Stevyn Colgan Researcher

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