The Museum Of Curiosity. John Lloyd. Copyright: BBC.

The Museum Of Curiosity

BBC Radio 4 panel show where guest donate to a virtual museum. 80 episodes (pilot + 13 series), 2007 - 2019. Stars John Lloyd, Bill Bailey, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson and others.

Another series is in development.

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1. Meeting One

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th February 2008

With palaeontologist Richard Fortey, comedian Sean Lock and extra-loud actor Brian Blessed.

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2. Meeting Two

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th February 2008

With military historian Gary Sheffield, non-military historian Fran Beauman, and non-military non-historian Ben Elton.

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3. Meeting Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th March 2008

With semi-professional comedian Arthur Smith, particle physicist Frank Close and historian Ronald Hutton.

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4. Meeting Four

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th March 2008

With writer and journalist Victoria Finlay, fascist-turned-socialist comic Kevin Day and nature documentary maker Alastair Fothergill.

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5. Meeting Five

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th March 2008

With modern-day polymath Jonathan Miller, science writer Philip Ball and mathematican Marcus du Sautoy.

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6. Meeting Six

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th March 2008

With science writer John Gribbin, comedian Alan Davies and anchorite (that's a hermit) Martha Reeves.

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