Mark Watson.

Mark Watson Talks A Bit About Life

BBC Radio 4 stand-up series about life. 14 episodes (3 series), 2014 - 2020. Stars Mark Watson, Tim Key, Tom Basden, Sam Simmons and others.

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Mark Watson Host / Presenter
Tim Key Host / Presenter (Series 1)
Tom Basden Host / Presenter (Series 1)
Sam Simmons Host / Presenter (Series 2)
Will Adamsdale Host / Presenter (Series 2)
Nicola Dempsey Host / Presenter (Series 3)
Rosie Dempsey Host / Presenter (Series 3)
Writing team
Mark Watson Writer
Tom Basden Writer (Series 1)
Tim Key Writer (Series 1)
Will Adamsdale Writer (Series 2)
Sam Simmons Writer (Series 2)
Nicola Dempsey Writer (Series 3)
Rosie Dempsey Writer (Series 3)
Production team
Lianne Coop Producer

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