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Mark Thomas - The Manifesto. Mark Thomas. Copyright: BBC.

Mark Thomas - The Manifesto

BBC Radio 4 stand-up. 20 episodes (5 series), 2009 - 2013. Stars Mark Thomas.

Mark Thomas - The Manifesto Merchandise

Mark Thomas Presents The People's Manifesto

Mark Thomas Presents The People's Manifesto

Mark Thomas has been touring the country for months, getting audiences to come up with policies aimed at sorting out the country's political chaos and taking back the power for the people. Sick to death of bailing out bankers and subsidising MPs homes, the audience vote on the best policy...


Mark Thomas: The Manifesto - Series 5 Complete

In this fifth series, comedian and activist Mark Thomas travels to theatres around the country to compile a People's Manifesto using policies suggested by his studio audience. The ideas include applying the bedroom tax to MPs' second homes, re-nationalising the railways, stopping farmers from spray-painting sheep, and abandoning the recycling...

This product has been discontinued.


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